CAN/CANopen tools

For working with CAN/CANopen Networks configuration and analysis tools are absolutely essential! Often devices of separate manufacturers need to be combined in one network. Therefore several option settings of these devices have to be adapted, to ensure devices can communicate together. Configuration Tools help users making settings consistantly without mistakes. Furthermore errors in configuration settings can be found much more easier when using a corresponding Software.


CAN/CANopen Tools

For These purposes Janz Tec AG offers customers analysis and configuration tools of its partner Emtas GmbH. These tools already contain support for CAN adapter devices of Janz Tec AG. Support is contained for all non-inelligent CAN interfaces also including integrated Interfaces of emPC and emVIEW product families. For easier handling Janz Tec AG offers a system service free of charge which enables an user to connect a tool to the CAN interface in parallel to the application. So the original data stream can be accessed with a minimum of negative impact. On the one hand no additional hardware is needed. On the other hand analysis can be done on Basis of original data that passed the interface and therefore reached and left the application.



The emtas CANinterpreter is a versatile tool for monitoring and recording of data traffic in CAN networks and its analysis according to proprietary or standardized higher-layer protocols.

A number of available PlugIns extends the range of functionality. The development of PlugIns on customers’ request is of course possible. Use cases can be e.g. use of the tool as service tool or as diagnostic tool for devices or plants.


The CANopen DeviceExplorer is a versatile tool for development, testing, diagnostics and service tasks. It provides CANopen master functionalities and allows the analysis and configuration of CANopen devices.

Information about each CANopen device are read from the electronic data sheet of the device, or they can be scanned directly from the device. Using standardized device configuration files (DCF) device configurations can be saved or imported. Additionally, data of entire CANopen networks can be stored in project files. The built-in scripting capability using QtScript allows users to create their own test and control applications with only little effort.


Tool for recording and analysis of CAN data   




CANopen DeviceExplorerCANopen DeviceExplorer

Tool for CANopen Network configuration 



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