Cloudlet collaboration

Just take the cloud with you and ensure smooth collaboration within your teams under difficult conditions and despite unstable network connections – with high security and availability.

We are prepared for you to work anywhere in the world, far from well developed and highly available infrastructures. No matter whether you are in the Arctic, the deserts of Africa or the mountains of South America and Asia – our fully protected security ecosystem is ready for you to establish collaboration within and between teams. It enables you to quickly create a local network, ensures the availability of the data needed to perform a specific task, implements the necessary services, and delivers applications – Fully autonomously with rapid configuration. If available, it manages the connection back to base for the team on the ground via satellite links – entirely transparent and according to priorities. Our fully protected security ecosystem implements these functions by ensuring:

1.    A highly secure communication concept
2.    A traffic-shaping concept
3.    An integrated fileshare
4.    Embedded and signed applications 
5.    Encrypted data storage
6.    Fine-grained access control



Your company has been commissioned to rebuild the infrastructure of a remote and inaccessible region of Central America in the wake of a natural disaster. To do this, you need to coordinate several teams on the ground. Communication with your teams is limited and only possible via satellite.

You opt for OSIRIS Premium as a mobile base station, which is installed on the vehicles of your teams.
Before the mission begins, all mission-specific information such as maps, current satellite photos and briefings, mission-specific applications and login details are loaded onto the OSIRIS Premium and stored there securely. OSIRIS Premium is then immediately ready for use on site and establishes its own secure WiFi network for local communication. Information is accessed and exchanged exclusively via the team members’ registered smart devices. Any applications required, such as text and voice chat for communication within the team, is provided via OSIRIS Premium.
As soon as the connected satellite modem signals that a connection is available, OSIRIS automatically synchronizes all data with the company headquarters via a secure connection. During synchronization, OSIRIS Premium takes the available bandwidth and the priority of the information into account.


White Paper Download

IT-retrofitting – Secure IoT for existing machinery and systems

16-page white paper on the networking of existing machinery and systems, using an IEC 62443-compliant security concept – to ensure a successful digitalization strategy.

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