Content distribution – Use case

Make data and information available to your customers wherever it may be needed – accessible at all times and in a highly secure and billable manner.

Content distribution with fine-grained access control is a prerequisite for collaboration in value creation networks across company boundaries. The fully protected security ecosystem addresses the following issues:

1. Release of the information necessary for collaboration, while simultaneously protecting your own data
2. Segmentation of the network infrastructure according to functional and security-related aspects

This makes it possible to create infrastructures that can simultaneously provide public data and design data for production and machine configurations as well as collate production data. All information is relayed specifically to the authorized recipients and systems.



You are setting up a temporary working environment for your team at a construction site. Access to existing planning data and the team’s collaboration in organizing their day-to-day work is essential. The integrity of the data needs to be ensured.

You opt for OSIRIS Standard. OSIRIS Standard establishes a secure connection via the mobile network for communication with your company headquarters. At the construction site, OSIRIS Standard sets up a secure private WiFi network for local communication. Only authorized users and devices (tablets, laptops, smartphones) can connect to this WiFi network and access the data saved on OSIRIS Standard. The access permissions for the data can be fine-grained. This makes it possible to assign regular employees read access to the data, while assigning read/write access to shift supervisors. All of the data is encrypted locally and stored or synchronized at the company headquarters as soon as a connection is established, thus preventing data loss. The device configuration and, more importantly, the access rights and permissions can be controlled centrally from the company headquarters. This ensures that all permissions are correctly tailored to the current team at all times.


White Paper Download

IT-retrofitting – Secure IoT for existing machinery and systems

16-page white paper on the networking of existing machinery and systems, using an IEC 62443-compliant security concept – to ensure a successful digitalization strategy.

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