Monitoring & maintenance

Monitoring and maintenance – gather all information on site and consolidate it in your maintenance hub – highly secure, fail-safe.

Monitor and maintain your machines and systems remotely. The fully protected security ecosystem offers configurable interfaces to enable you to monitor your systems and collect maintenance data via various industrial interfaces. Once the data has been recorded, it is encrypted and saved. It can then be evaluated from your company headquarters via a secure connection. The entire system is protected against unauthorized access by:

1.    A highly secure communication concept
2.    Encrypted data storage
3.    Configurable protocol adapters for industrial bus systems



You are integrating existing mobile assets such as compressors, generators, fuel cells, etc. into your maintenance and service network in order to record the state and capacity utilization of the systems. This data is to be used to improve the efficiency of the services and enable usage-based billing of the systems in future.

You opt for OSIRIS Light from the fully protected security ecosystem. OSIRIS Light is equipped with suitable and configurable protocol adapters to establish connection to your assets. The data from your system is collected by OSIRIS Light, preprocessed, cached and sent via the mobile network connection.  
OSIRIS Light is an integral part of and monitored by your company infrastructure. All data is automatically encrypted in the device, as is communication via the mobile network. A cut-down and optimized operating system reduces vulnerability to cyberattacks to a minimum.
Your assets can be retrofitted in just a few simple steps, for example during regular maintenance intervals.


White Paper Download

IT-retrofitting – Secure IoT for existing machinery and systems

16-page white paper on the networking of existing machinery and systems, using an IEC 62443-compliant security concept – to ensure a successful digitalization strategy.

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Harald Hoffmann is Senior Consultant at Janz Tec in Dresden, Germany. Prior to that, he spent several years working as a systems engineer and project manager in the aerospace industry. His main areas of expertise include software development, industrial security and systems engineering. He is happy to provide you with comprehensive advice and will work with you to develop your individual industrial transformation strategy.