Production on demand

Optimize the capacity utilization of your machines and systems around the world. Remote configuration of your processes via the network on demand – precisely timed, highly secure.

In order to be able to operate your machines and systems at your customers’ site, it is essential to be able to guarantee the secure transfer of configurations and control programs from your company headquarters to the machine. At the same time, the use of your machines at the customers’ site is recorded and can thus be billed accordingly. The fully protected security ecosystem protects the integrity of your data and prevents loss of know-how by ensuring:

1.    A highly secure communication concept
2.    The non-tamperability of the hardware and software used
3.    Encrypted data storage
4.    Fine-grained access control



Transposing complex systems into an operating model aims to secure the market share of system manufacturers in the face of competition and help them to develop their skills. You implement a secure and reliable infrastructure for recording performance parameters (quantities, flow rate, coating thicknesses etc.) in your system and connect it to your corporate infrastructure. You can then bill your customers for the production output on the basis of the transmitted data.
To implement this task, you opt for an OSIRIS Premium solution from the fully protected security ecosystem, supplemented by a number of OSIRIS Light options that depends on the number and positioning of the sensors.

In your system, you then place one OSIRIS Light close to the sensors to monitor the performance. OSIRIS Light is equipped with suitable and configurable protocol adapters to establish connection to the sensors. The performance data from your system is collected by OSIRIS Light, preprocessed, and sent to OSIRIS Premium via a WiFi connection.
OSIRIS Premium acts as a secure data node, receiving the data from all OSIRIS Light units, and saving and forwarding it to your company headquarters. OSIRIS Premium offers various communication channels for this purpose. At the same time, OSIRIS Premium monitors the operation of the OSIRIS Light units in the environment. Faults or malfunctions are reported to the company headquarters.

This system architecture meets the highest security requirements. All communication between OSIRIS Light units, OSIRIS Premium and the company headquarters is encrypted. Both OSIRIS Light and OSIRIS Premium use an optimized operating system, reducing vulnerability to cyberattacks to a minimum. OSIRIS Premium is capable of storing large amounts of encrypted data. This is advantageous if the connection to the company headquarters is intermittent. All data is stored securely on OSIRIS Premium and can be accessed locally by authorized staff, if necessary. In addition, manipulation of the device’s software and hardware can be ruled out, ensuring that no billing data is lost or can be manipulated.


White Paper Download

IT-retrofitting – Secure IoT for existing machinery and systems

16-page white paper on the networking of existing machinery and systems, using an IEC 62443-compliant security concept – to ensure a successful digitalization strategy.

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