Operational Services

Reliably avoid downtime and system failures with the help of our operational service experts

The topic of “secure operation” for controlling machines and systems is steadily gaining importance. Janz Tec AG offers its customers operational services to ensure permanently reliable operation of their systems.

Various portfolio modules ensure that system operation problems are identified and resolved quickly. Additionally, this also allows your systems to be kept updated with the current software version.


Update and patch management
Update management covers the regular creation, evaluation, provision and installation of software updates. This may, on the one hand, include regular updates, like operating system updates and application updates, or, on the other hand, unscheduled updates, which are also often required, in order to patch newly discovered vulnerabilities. The update and patch management process includes:

  • Monitoring: We monitor safety precautions and press releases on the hardware and software components in use.
  • Risk analysis: For each new security vulnerability, we analyse the nature and extent of the threat. We assess the resulting attack scenarios and evaluate the available countermeasures.
  • Information: Once all of the relevant information on a security vulnerability has been viewed and evaluated, we then issue a security alert with all of the necessary information to the affected customers.
  • Provision: The available update packages are made available on one of our servers.
  • Roll-out: If an update is approved by the customer, it is then rolled out on all of the agreed systems. In some instances the roll-out may just be for a specific sub-category of devices.

PKI management
For various security-relevant services and applications – for example the signature and encryption of software, or the authentication when using encrypted connections – keys and certificates are required. The keys need to be stored securely and certificates need to be updated regularly. This is done using a securely hosted Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). If requested, we can provide a PKI as a service and operate it for you. This PKI is used to store cryptographic keys securely and provide them as and when required (e.g. for updates, see above), while expired certificates can be renewed via corresponding interfaces and compromised certificates can be revoked.

Incident management
Incident management handles hardware and software incidents relating to devices made by Janz Tec AG. You can report incidents to us at any time and they will then be handled by our support team. Individual agreements enable us to provide customised 1st, 2nd or 3rd level support according to your needs, and we can also set up a buffer stock for immediate replacement of faulty devices.

Remote monitoring
Our remote monitoring service provides remote monitoring of your system using a background application. Both the data to be transferred (e.g. temperature, application status, software version, etc.), as well as the technology that has to be used (e.g. SNMP) can be specifically selected for each customer. Our services can encompass the following points:

  • Specification and implementation of the monitoring application
  • Specification and configuration of the monitoring server
  • Integration of the monitoring application in the supplied software image
  • Operation of the monitoring server and monitoring of the acquired data
  • Reaction to specified events

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