The leading security ecosystem for unrestricted access to Industry 4.0

Nothing is more important nowadays than working efficiently and protecting your knowledge and processes.

Digitalization isn’t on its way – it has already arrived! The global networking of all systems and processes creates collaboration opportunities and provides new, positive benefits. But at the same time, it also calls for new standards on process security and efficiency.

Digitalization presents you with the challenge of networking your products, machines and systems with one another and making information accessible via the Internet. It goes without saying that this all needs to be done with security in mind, given the increasing number of hacking attacks and data thefts.

Industrial security for your business model

Cloud security/IoT security


The fully protected security ecosystem securely connects your applications to the Internet of Things. Our solutions ensure secure integration with the cloud of your choice.

Secure remote maintenance & access


Implement remote services with absolute security – boost efficiency and get up to date quickly with the fully protected security ecosystem.

Industrial network security


Get a grip on your networks – the fully protected security ecosystem enables you to control network access, isolate networks and secure network communications.

Data security and know-how protection


Your network, your data, your know-how – no matter where, when or who you are working with, the confidentiality and integrity of your information is protected thanks to the fully protected security ecosystem.


Secure your know-how and your ticket to the future

What does that mean to you? Stay at the cutting edge, today and in the future – using our expertise!

Set your company on course into the future with the leading corporate security ecosystem. We have developed a toolkit for the industrial transformation of your company that protects your know-how and ensures that you successfully make the leap to Industry 4.0.Whoever has access to your systems also has access to your processes and, more importantly, access to your know-how. This is no longer simply a theoretical risk, but a very real danger. Both hardware and software offer attack vectors for criminals. At the same time, they need to be adapted to new process and security standards and translated into new dimensions of efficiency. Simply put, this is the challenge you are facing. Almost every company has its own requirements in this respect.The fully protected security ecosystem from Janz Tec AG connects processes and supply chains. It can be freely configured to meet almost any digitalization requirements and conditions.


Fully protected industrial transformation accompanied by machine and process upgrades

What are the benefits for you? You can fully concentrate on the successful implementation of your business model – the security of your digitalization project is our job!

Fully protected industrial transformation offers the following benefits:



Your production keeps running without any downtime





Enhanced efficiency thanks to secure networking





  Your Know-how is absolutely





Security ecosystem – toolkit versions based on a modular principle





We take care of high-security networking





Top quality is our benchmark




We are your development partner, with over 35 years of expertise in highly individualized industrial machine and process control systems with a unique hardware and software product portfolio for initial installation and retrofitting.


White Paper Download

IT-retrofitting – Secure IoT for existing machinery and systems

16-page white paper on the networking of existing machinery and systems, using an IEC 62443-compliant security concept – to ensure a successful digitalization strategy.

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Harald Hoffmann is Senior Consultant at Janz Tec in Dresden, Germany. Prior to that, he spent several years working as a systems engineer and project manager in the aerospace industry. His main areas of expertise include software development, industrial security and systems engineering. He is happy to provide you with comprehensive advice and will work with you to develop your individual industrial transformation strategy.