Industrial Security

We combine optimal security
with solid technology. For your
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Protecting know-how and processes  The digitalization of industrial processes is associated with many risks. This is indicated by the increasing number of attacks on the infrastructures of plants and machines. That is why the security of data communication is just as important as the protection of your intellectual property. Janz Tec offers individual solutions as part of our IoT-Ecosystem which are based on the highest security standards.

Security solutions

Our security concepts provide reliable protection for your data. With the support of the Fraunhofer Institute.

The correct protection of automated processes is an indispensable part of networking. The modular offers in Janz Tec’s IoT ecosystem take local and supra-regional security solutions into account.
They use a highly secure platform developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Engineering Design Mechatronics (IEM).

Industrial Security Modules

Clear advantages with well thought-out modules. For your safety.

Protection against Manipulation

Our security platform automatically detects unauthorized access to the device electronics and other physical manipulation activities.

Remote AAA Infrastructure

Access and its resources are centrally controlled by the Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) functions. Our platform can also operate offline and automatically synchronizes with the central infrastructure as soon as a connection is available again.

Encrypted Communication

All data is transmitted only encrypted according to the current state of technology.

Secure Storage

All data is stored only encrypted. Our security platform thus provides a protected storage location for your sensitive data.

High Assurance Boot

To prevent software manipulation, the devices only run signed and certified software.

Secure Multi-Channel Network Access

Access to local networks or the Internet can be provided via different channels (cable, LTE, UMTS, etc.) depending on your needs.

Position Monitoring

The platform can only be operated at the position defined for it. This ensures additional protection against unauthorized transport, theft and misuse.

Remote Access and Configuration

The security platform can be monitored and configured directly and centrally from the company headquarters, regardless of location.

Industrial Security

The modular system for customized security. With top performance for industry 4.0.

Our security platforms have been developed with a holistic concept. The focus was on the optimal coordination of hardware and software. Janz Tec’s experience in the design, development and production of these components guarantees a particularly high level of security.


Make your existing plants future-proof. With our proven security solutions.

Many industrial infrastructures have proven themselves for many years. Future-proof digitalization is possible even for these machines and plants. The IoT ecosystem from Janz Tec offers comprehensive possibilities for this purpose, which take comprehensive IT security into account. We call it Retrofit and provide you with custom-made solutions that will secure your investments in the long term and guarantee the protection of your infrastructures in the long term. Contact us, our experts will be happy to advise you!

„Our integrative approach offers a product with perfectly coordinated security components that do not need to be retrofitted if the emergency has already occurred.”

Vignesh Makeswaran, Software developer, Janz Tec AG

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