White Paper: IT Retrofit - Secure IoT for existing machines and facilities

A prerequisite for the successful and efficient implementation of digitalisation strategies is the inter-networking of machines and facilities that have already been in operation for many years and will be able to reliably render their services for many years to come. Digitalisation and IT security are inextricably linked to this process. The white paper, ‘IT retrofit – Secure IoT for existing machines and facilities’ presents a concept for secure network topology using a remote maintenance scenario as an example.

A production networking project’s key success factor is the protection of company network data, regardless of whether this data is related to persons, processes or machines. It is crucial to prevent risks, such as data eavesdropping, theft of company know-how or programe code and control unit tampering. In this case, potential damage, such as production downtime, machine damage and hazards to personnel in the immediate vicinity quickly results in far higher costs than the investment in Secure IoT.

That’s why we invite you to read our white paper, ‘IT retrofit – Secure IoT for existing machines and facilities’ for secure digitalisation using the OSIRIS secure appliance system developed by Janz Tec.

Your value-added benefits

  • Identify IoT strategies and risks when digitising machines and facilities.
  • Find out about the individual stages of an IoT integration concept using current case studies.
  • Learn about a potential implementation scenario for security architecture in compliance with IEC 62443 standards.

Identify and assess current risks at an early stage and benefit from the advantages of digitalisation for your machines!