CODESYS - Development software for industrial controls

CODESYS is the market-leading IEC 61131-3 software for industry controls in automation technology. Profit from preconfigured CODESYS runtime environments of the versions V2.x and V3.x for all Industrial PC, Embedded PC and Panel PC systems. Open interfaces and many other essential IoT technologies combine with our devices to make CODESYS a natural Industry 4.0 platform.

  • Take advantage of the opportunities for creating visualisations and controlling drives.
  • Minimum effort: Configuration, programming, testing and maintenance from a single interface
  • Easy adaptation to different system requirements and environments
  • Project planning for edge controllers with simple data exchange in IIoT networks
  • Ready-to-use products from Janz Tec’s CODESYS Store


CODESYS provides opportunities for the creation of visualisations and the control of power units alongside supporting diverse industrial bus systems.

  • Visualisation
    Alongside target visualisation, which enables the indication of operating statuses and values directly on the device, CODESYS also offers visualisation over a web browser, which is called web visualisation. Both offer identical, graphical design possibilities and can be installed on a system at the same time.

  • Control power units
    Janz Tec AG systems can be installed optionally with a CODESYS extension called SoftMotion which provided building blocks for the control of drives. With CODESYS SoftMotion, movements with one or more axles can be projected to the curve writing together with the actual control program in a development interface. The transmission of movement curves and supporting points to the drives is implemented in CODESYS through diverse industrial bus systems. Motion Controller with CODESYS SoftMotion makes extensive projecting variants possible for the end user for their movement tasks. For this, certified motion modules on PLCopen and the full scope of the IEC 61131-3 programming interface are available amongst other things.

  • Janz Tec products at CODESYS store
    “CODESYS Control for emPC-A/iMX6 SL” is available for download in the CODESYS Store. This software is used to program Janz Tec’s embedded emPC-A/iMX6 system via the CODESYS Development System (V3.5). The Linux-based PLC therefore represents an industrial control system with real-time capability.

    “MQTT library for CODESYS SL” is used to implement a client for the MQTT protocol, making it easy for users to use the protocol in their IEC 61131 applications. The library is written entirely in IEC 61131 code, so can be used on any target system.

  • Support of the most important industrial bus systems

EtherCAT Master


CANopen Master und Slave








Tens of thousands of CODESYS users across the globe rely on the hardware-independent CODESYS programming system from 3S-Smart Software Solutions. Start using CODESYS and benefit from the market-leading IEC 61131-3 development software for industrial control systems in the automation technology sector.

CODESYS is not only a programming environment, but consists of many different components that combine to form a complete project planning tool for automation projects in different sectors. CODESYS enables network programming of PLCs and edge or cloud controllers, as well as simple data exchange in IIoT networks. The automation device can thus be accessed remotely via ethernet/internet/fieldbus without any additional software. The control system includes integrated communication standards for IIoT systems, such as an OPC UA server, while common protocols are available as libraries, such as MQTT for storing data in the cloud. Graphical user interfaces are integrated and can be accessed via a browser. These and many other CODESYS features transform compatible control systems into powerful IIoT solutions.


Benefit from the pre-configured CODESYS runtime environments available for numerous Janz Tec systems.

Your benefits with Janz Tec hardware:

  • Highly-reliable, efficient systems with long-term availability and a multitude of customisation options
  • When a CODESYS runtime environment is ordered, all systems come with pre-installed target and web visualisation
  • “SoftMotion” extension for CODESYS available
  • EtherCAT masters with real-time capability can be implemented on our systems with CODESYS
  • Option of equipping systems with up to two integrated CAN interfaces
  • MODBUS protocol provided together with the CODESYS runtime environment
  • Connection to PROFIBUS networks
  • PROFINET can be provided for almost all systems

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