Securing business-critical infrastructures - with Edge Device Monitoring

Record the use of your machines at the customer's site with absolute certainty. Benefit from the reliable data basis for your billing and service offers - for example within your new pay-per-use business model.

Edge device monitoring
  • Safeguarding of functions critical to success, such as complete billing with your pay-per-use business model
  • Overview of all edge systems and data flows in one monitoring interface
  • Early intervention in case of problems through alerting functions
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) monitoring of compliance with the agreed system availability

End-to-end-Monitoring of the entire data link

Would you like to offer your customers the opportunity to pay for their machines per use? Do you need monitoring to ensure that your business model works? We accompany you from the definition of your goals to their successful implementation. After detailed consultation, you will receive solution proposals from us, which we verify by means of a Proof of Concept (PoC). We integrate the appropriate hardware and software into your existing IT environment and provide ongoing support.

You will receive an individually configured monitoring interface that summarizes your essential data in a dashboard. The basis for this is the monitoring solution of the iplus1 LAP platform, based on proven open source software.

The most important contents of the end-to-end monitoring of the complete data link are:

  • Check the availability of all components
  • Availability of data for all users
  • Completeness of the data, e.g. is data missing from individual devices?
  • Latencies: How long does data transmission, processing and storage take?
  • Alerting: Alerting in case of failures and problems, in escalation levels based on defined groups and substitution rules

Your ERP system, such as SAP, can be used both as a monitored data source and for transferring alerts to trigger service orders if necessary. Captured IoT and performance data can optionally be stored and further processed, e.g. for predictive maintenance or deeper insights for those responsible for operations.

Edge Device Monitoring: the basic monitoring building block

Edge systems, which collect the business-critical data of your machines on site at the customer, must work absolutely reliably. Only then will all the data you need for billing and services be securely available.

Within condition monitoring, for example, you can evaluate this system data at the edge: 

  • Condition of flash memory and hard disk filling level 
  • software versions
  • CPU utilization
  • Network load and I/O activity 
  • Recording of ambient temperature and fan speed
  • Optionally, an intrusion detection can also be installed, which triggers alerts when the system is opened.

Monitoring of data transmission: for your reliable billing

Does the data transfer from the machine via the cloud to the data storage run completely and quickly? Data link monitoring with Data Latency Check gives you reliable information about this.

Edge Devices

Janz Tec offers an extensive range of industrial computers. Either we have a fitting system from our standard range or we manufacture a computer individually designed for your application. Some examples for application areas are:

  • Industrial PCs in production
  • Mobile systems in the vehicle
  • (Networked) products with data acquisition

Monitoring "out-of-the-box"

Janz Tec implements the agent necessary for the monitoring directly into the system software and this way delivers out-of-the-box solutions for the direct monitoring of the important system parameters. The performance and availability of the systems is thus reliably monitored. Operational Services from Janz Tec can be used to additionally ensure these up to a defined level.

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