Optimize your processes from sensor to payment

Everything you need for your IoT project is available from a single source at Janz Tec: Sensors, hardware components, mobile radio-based transmission path, information processing with the IoT platform Salesforce, integration into your business processes (payment, ERP connection, etc.) as well as the implementation of all this.

  • All IoT-relevant components are comprehensively aligned with one another
  • You benefit from the effective customer service platform Salesforce 
  • You generate maximum benefit from your sensor data
  • Take advantage of our expertise, extending from consulting to the implementation of IoT services for businesses within the industrial, trade and logistics environment.


Would you like to optimize your operational processes with IoT solutions such as smart metering, predictive maintenance or modeling new services? With the solution suite from Janz Tec and our IoT Solutions Partner Robiotic, you will reach your goals quickly and effectively.

  • For your IoT idea, we will create a proof of concept based on the Salesforce platform within the shortest amount of time. This way, you know directly whether and how your idea is feasible.
  • In a typical project, sensors collect key information about production and manufacturing processes. The operational data is transported to the cloud via the standard MQTT protocol. 
  • This is where the work of the IoT platform Salesforce comes in. It ensures data analysis as well as the intelligent use of data. 
  • Predefined follow-up processes are initiated. For instance, machines are automatically switched off if they exceed a certain temperature value. Or a support team automatically receives an alert on the mobile device via Service Cloud to ensure that they see if everything is alright.


Salesforce is the world's leading CRM platform. It allows the simple operation of cloud-based applications for sales, service, marketing and many other areas. With our solution, all data is backed up at the German data center, which is operated in collaboration with Telekom.  

The multi-cloud application platform combines several tools and services in one coherent platform: 

  • Community Cloud: Easy and quick access to processed data and seamless further processing with other Salesforce solutions. Standardized application can be individualized for each specific customer of any industry without great effort. 
  • Einstein Analytics: Professional BI tool (Business Intelligence) to visualize machine data and evaluate it according to all conceivable parameters.
  • Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud: Concentrated cloud power that businesses can also use without their own licensed Salesforce instances, as the platform can be obtained indirectly via Robiotic via an Internet browser.
  • Heroku as data filter: Large amounts of sensor data from machines are analyzed on the basis of defined rules. Automated reactions are triggered with the connection to Salesforce solutions. 
  • Quip: The collaboration tool, e.g. for cross-location collaboration of teams in real time. Changes to documents, spreadsheets and presentations can be tracked in a clearly comprehensible manner, comment functions allow content to be discussed.
  • Pardot: Solution for marketing automation to track in detail the effectiveness of digital communication via e-mail and web.
  • Chatter: Social collaboration tool for sharing knowledge, files and data with coworkers.
  • Salesforce APIs: The easy integration of third-party software and no-hassle rights management offers almost infinite flexibility and openness for your bordering applications, such as ERP or industry software.


The robust and reliable IoT gateways from Janz Tec are specially designed to meet the needs of your specific industrial area of application.

Your benefits with Janz Tec hardware:

  • Highly reliable, low-maintenance and high-performance systems
  • Individual housing solutions possible
  • Secure wireless edge computing
  • Embedded IoT edge gateways with LTE, GPS and configurable communication interfaces
  • Coordinated with all other components of your IoT project

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Ulrich Lütke Entrup

fon +49 52 51 / 15 50 152

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An engineer in automation technology, Ulrich Lütke Entrup has been an experienced authority on Janz Tec’s solutions for over 15 years. As our Sales Director, he is the right person to contact with your questions.

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