optimise maintenance and service processes

Smart Vending Machine is an IoT solution designed to network vending machines. Use it to monitor operating processes, configure machine settings and plan maintenance work efficiently. Edge Gateways capture all defined data and are adapted precisely to the vending machines. Your clearly arranged and individually designed data cockpit is provided via remote access.

  • Easy networking and evaluation of your distributed vending machines
  • Benefit from the latest business models, such as pay-per-use
  • Ideal service and maintenance intervals are ensured by monitoring current usage data 
  • Cost savings and optimised quality management 
  • Flexible and highly configurable user interface and reports


Do you want to know exactly how your machines are used worldwide? Do you need a clear and well-prepared view of the machine's live data at the simple push of a button? Our gateway solutions in your machines simply transfer the desired data to your data centre or cloud service. The flexibly adaptable IoT application provides usage data such as operating hours, consumption quantities, the number of goods issued or the current amount of cash in a machine. 

This allows you to optimise your processes in a highly targeted manner: 

  • Plan your maintenance and service intervals with the necessary foresight. The transmitted geodata read is output on maps and can be easily integrated into your existing route planning processes. Coordinating service work based on actual usage instead of standard time periods saves costs, and unnecessary trips are a thing of the past. Minimise downtimes by defining service intervals.

  • Increase customer satisfaction. If data reveals that a device is being used with very high frequency, simply offer more powerful machines at an early stage instead of risking bottlenecks or failures later. During very low usage times, you replace a very powerful and expensive device with a custom one designed for that specific purpose.

  • Customise your business model. For example, switch from the traditional sale of machines to a pay-per-use model. Your customer only pays for their actual usage. For billing purposes, you record the usage data automatically and virtually in real time.

  • Data transmission is secure and efficient. If local infrastructures cannot be put to use, we offer highly powerful mobile communication solutions. No matter in which region you pursue your business activities and no matter how much data has to be transferred, we will find the optimal data rate for you. You can choose from security concepts for data transmission that are tailored to your specific needs.

  • When it comes to central data storage it's all up to you: Use your own data centre or let Janz Tec offer you various options. Data centres and cloud services are available through partner companies. Each and every one of them meets the latest IT security requirements and offers scalable and redundant server space. This way, your databases can also grow with increasing requirements.


The variable cockpit solution supports you as a manufacturer, dealer or operator of vending machines. Database analyses are individually adjusted to your needs.

Your advantages at a glance

  • The open system is characterised by its easy integration into your infrastructure. With many Web APIs, you can easily export data from our solution to use for your other software solutions. On the other hand, you can simply transfer enriched data records from other applications back into the Janz Tec solution
  • We design the user interface based  on your specific needs
  • For individual reports, you simply define what needs to be evaluated and when
  • You define the data exported the way you need it: Consumption values, error logs, geodata and much more
  • Configure machine parameters remotely, e.g. recipes or prices. If required, you can also shut down a machine from a remote location


The robust and reliable gateway hardware from Janz Tec is specially designed to meet the usage requirements of the respective vending machine.

With Janz Tec hardware you benefit from:

  • Highly reliable, low-maintenance and high-performance systems 
  • Individual housing solutions
  • Secure wireless edge computing
  • Embedded IoT edge gateways with LTE, GPS and configurable communication interfaces
  • LTE and NB-IoT (on request)

Your contact


Ulrich Lütke Entrup

fon +49 52 51 / 15 50 152

Mail to Ulrich Lütke Entrup

An engineer in automation technology, Ulrich Lütke Entrup has been an experienced authority on Janz Tec’s solutions for over 15 years. As our Sales Director, he is the right person to contact with your questions.

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