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Industrial Security is a central issue in the implementation of the new production and business models in the climate of IoT. With our Secure Appliance we offer a platform solution which was developed to ensure maximum protection for your networked data. Its modular architecture means it can be easily tailored to your requirements.

The availability of different connectors to enterprise platforms and industrial interfaces facilitates a seamless integration into your particular system environment.

Secure Appliance solutions at different security levels are available for all current Janz Tec systems: embedded computing and industrial pc

Your Benefits

The bridgehead for your IT infrastructure:
Data and IT services available everywhere - securely and reliably.

Modular design:
Select the hardware and software modules that are relevant for your individual application.

Seamless integration into your system environment:
Numerous industrial interfaces and connectors to various enterprise platforms are available and simplify integration into the customer’s system environment.

Platform Solution Secure Appliance


Indsutrial Security Features

  • Tamper Protection: The appliance detects unauthorized access to device electronics and tampering activity.
  • Remote AAA Infrastructure: Use your company’s authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) infrastructure to control access to appliances and their resources – even when offline.
  • Encrypted communication: Data in transit is encrypted using state-of-the-art technology and protocols.
  • Secure storage: Data at rest is always encrypted to provide a safe haven for your data.
  • High Assurance Boot: To prevent tampering, the device only executes signed and certified software.
  • Secure multi-channel network access: Access to local networks or the internet is provided through different channels (Landline, LTE, UMTS etc.), subject to availability.
  • Location control: The device can only be operated at the intended location, preventing unauthorized transport and abuse.
  • Remote access and configuration: The secure appliance can be monitored and configured from your headquarters, regardless of its location.

Customer-specific modular design

Hardware Modules

The use of different hardware modules allows the adaptation of the secure appliance to the particular intended purpose. The communication capacity of the system can be modularly broadened, for example, to cover such different channels as Wi-Fi, mobile or satellite communication.

In scenarios where a system is physically accessible by third parties it is necessary to prevent unauthorised manipulation. Accordingly, the installation of suitable protective measures as components is available.

Software Modules

As with the hardware the Secure Appliances provide a modular software architecture. Different communication and security components can be applied depending on the intended purpose. These facilitate for example encrypted data transmission, fine granular control of application and service authorisation or an audit of device location. Ensuring the tamper protection of the software is a key element.

Connectors to enterprise platforms

Data collection and transmission is only meaningful if those data are subsequently processed and profitably applied. The Secure Appliance supports the most diverse application scenarios by means of connectors to different platforms, visualisations and evaluation applications. Furthermore, data pre-processing functions can be made available on the Secure Appliance.

Connectors to industrial interfaces

Integration of industrial interfaces has been a core competence of Janz Tec AG since its inception. Machinery, equipment and vehicles can be connected over standardised interfaces like CAN, CANopen RS232/485 or OPC UA without difficulty.

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Harald Hoffmann is a Senior Consultant with Janz Tec in Dresden. Prior to that he was employed for many years as a systems engineer and project manager in the field of aviation, among other roles. Software development, secure appliances and systems engineering are among his areas of expertise.