WE TAKE Responsibility

As a leading solutions provider for industrial IoT solutions and individual operating concepts, we take responsibility for the environment, for society and especially for our employees.

Taking responsibility has been an essential part of our business activity for over 35 years, and one that we pursue conscientiously. We are constantly intensifying our contribution to environmental protection through the development of customised, optimised embedded computers, industrial PCs and electronic modules. Because we manufacture exclusively in Germany, we have a direct influence on the environmental impact.

The people behind our owner-managed family business are the cornerstone of our success. Motivated and highly-qualified employees are the backbone of our company and crucial to our innovation and competitiveness.


WE TAKE RESPONSIBILITY: for society and the market

Integrity and reliability are the cornerstones of what we do.
Our individual actions are consistent with our value system and personal principles. This demonstrates integrity and reliability, creating the perfect conditions for our business success and for the trust that characterises our interactions. 

We foster every individual’s sense of responsibility.
To achieve this goal, we create the right conditions to underpin our success. These include a corporate culture that promotes each individual’s sense of responsibility and develops their skills. Treating all managers and employees equally and rejecting discrimination are integral parts of our corporate philosophy.

Basic values and personal rights are essential to what we do.
We observe the applicable laws and regulations, as well as social norms and our own rules and regulations. We are committed to the fundamental values of our society and to protecting human rights and the personal rights of the international community. We treat every person we meet in the course of our business with respect and dignity.

Data protection is very important to us.
We care about protecting personal rights. That is why protecting and ensuring the security of the data entrusted to us is so important to us. You can view our current data protection policy at www.janztec.com/ds.

Fair competition and respectful conduct are second nature to us.
We promote the business interests of our corporate group within the context of fair competition. We distance ourselves from corruption and unfair competition agreements and treat our customers, suppliers and competitors with respect.

We are committed to using the best technology available.
We strive to use the best available technology for our production processes, from both an economic and an environmental point of view.

WE TAKE RESPONSIBILITY: for social issues

We are committed to social projects.
As an owner-managed family business, we are committed to the common good. As part of society, we strive to take responsibility for those around us. We support charitable organisations and initiatives and promote culture and sport.


We encourage our employees to contribute to the common good.
We support our employees’ commitment to various charitable activities, helping each individual to contribute to social cooperation.


We promote a work-life balance.
As a family-run business, we know how difficult it can be to combine work with family life. That is why we offer part-time models and actively support our employees in achieving the ideal balance between family and career.


WE TAKE RESPONSIBILITY: for our employees

We are committed to active training for our employees.
Offering targeted basic and advanced training in electronics, IT and office management, we are constantly expanding the expertise and skills of our team. We also encourage, train and motivate our employees in all areas, helping them to identify with the company’s goals and accomplish their own personal goals.

Occupational health and safety is an essential part of our corporate principles.
We care about the health of our employees. It goes without saying that we observe all legislation and regulations relating to occupational health and safety. We also work to maintain close cooperation with authorities and institutions. 

We protect the health and safety of our employees through prevention.
Occupational health and safety experts play an active role in shaping the company's key processes from an early stage, enabling us to ensure that our employees are safe at all times and that their health is protected. 

In occupational health and safety, cooperation is a matter of course.
Occupational health and safety is the responsibility of management, managers and employees alike. We all work responsibly to implement the necessary occupational health and safety measures. 

Continuous improvement is our goal.
We aim to maintain and foster the health, job satisfaction and performance of our employees by regularly reviewing the effectiveness of the decisions and measures taken.

WE TAKE RESPONSIBILITY: for the environment

We guarantee that our products are manufactured with minimum environmental impact.
We develop, produce and distribute our products in a way that ensures safe and environmentally-friendly manufacture. We strive to minimise the use of energy and resources in all our production processes.

Our goal is product recycling for a sustainable material cycle.
We develop and manufacture our products in an environmentally responsible manner, aiming to ensure complete material recycling at the end of their service life. Our collection and recycling system is guaranteed by Stiftung EAR (national register for waste electric equipment).

Procurement and logistics based on environmental protection.
Wherever possible, we source our raw materials, consumables and supplies according to ecological criteria as part of integrated environmental protection. Continuously improving our internal and external logistics enables us to constantly reduce the resulting environmental impact.

We promote the environmental standards of our partners and suppliers.
Our environmental policy is the benchmark for all our dealings with partners and suppliers. By taking appropriate measures, we draw attention to the fact that our business partners are guided by our environmental policy guidelines and seek environmental certification.

Our employees implement our environmental policy responsibly.
In order to achieve our goals, we support, train and motivate our employees by providing targeted training and further education. This enables them to carry out their work responsibly in line with our environmental objectives and this environmental policy.

Our environmental management system is DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 certified.



Janz Tec AG complies with all RoHS, WEEE and REACH requirements. You can find the statements in PDF form here:
RoHS and WEEE Statement
REACH Customer Information


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Jasmin Stute

fon +49 52 51 / 15 50 123

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Jasmin Stute is responsible for Janz Tec’s integrated management system and for implementing Janz Tec’s high-quality standards. She integrates issues relating to information security, occupational safety and environmental responsibility into our processes and procedures.

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