Press release

Industrial Raspberry Pi 4 – optionally with LTE modem

An inexpensive solution for collecting, pre-processing and forwarding data is often sought for IIoT. Due to the already existing community and basis of freely available software, such as Node Red or database applications, the entry into the development of your own application is greatly simplified. As the Raspberry Pi platform wasn’t originally developed for industrial use, its ability to fulfil certain requirements is limited. To work around this issue, Janz Tec is currently developing an industrial-grade computer based on the Raspberry Pi 4 computer module. Its modular design enables us to cater to customer-specific requirements.

Our Raspberry Pi 4 system is a further development of our successful DIN-rail PC based on the Raspberry Pi3+, which comes with Raspberry Pi OS and also supports the CODESYS development environment. The plan is to equip the system with 2GB RAM, uSD card slot and an RTC as standard. In addition to a serial interface, the standard version will also be equipped with CAN, 2x USB, 1x Gbit LAN, digital I/O, Bluetooth and WLAN. An optional LTE module is also planned and – thanks to the modular design of our Raspberry Pi 4 – customer-specific extensions and additional interfaces, such as LANs or customer-specific wishes, can be realised quickly and with reduced development effort.

Development has already started and the Janz Tec Raspberry Pi 4 will still be available until at least 2031.

Samples are expected to be available in Q3-2023.

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