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We offer a range of tried and tested software packages for the Janz Tec IoT ecosystems to provide you with the best equipment for your applications. Several industrial interfaces and connectors to various enterprise platforms are available to facilitate integration into your computing environment.

Depending on your application, we and our solution partners offer further customised applications for your digitisation project.



Data broker – easy access to your process data in digitised production
State-of-the-art production in the IoT environment is based on networking the shop floor with conventional IT applications, however the same problem often reoccurs. The data is often only available in a format that cannot be processed directly in ERP, CRM or SCM systems. Here you can benefit from our software solutions for simple and flexible data routing. This enables Janz Tec’s systems to become flexible interpreters in the world of Industry 4.0. 

Device management for the IoT and M2M
For (almost) every application of IoT systems, the fundamental requirement is not the initial networking of the systems. The real challenge lies in the day-to-day management of the constantly changing structure of all of the networked devices. Our device management solutions make the integration, administration, monitoring and updates of your systems easy to organise! They enable the reliable management of all of your distributed devices. 

Business intelligence – quick answers to complex questions
Make your production process more transparent! Our range of tried and tested analysis solutions provides valuable assistance in the optimisation of processes and applications. Using our business intelligence solutions enables you to merge real-time information from multiple sources, visualise it clearly and generate reports with ease. This results in shorter response times, more effective identification of the cause of problems, as well as improved product and service quality. 

Control and optimise your production process with flexible solutions that can be adapted to suit your production environment. The right PLC, SCADA and MES software clears the path to Industry 4.0. We will handle the pre-installation and, if required, can also perform functional tests for your specific production conditions. Benefit from a perfectly coordinated hardware and software solution.


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