Connect your machines and achieve transparency in manufacturing

MDE:connect simply and automatically takes care of your machine data collection (MDC) in a digitalised production process: the powerful package comprising both hardware and software translates all common protocols from your machines so that they can be used in connected applications, flexibly and independent of the manufacturer.

  • Use your machine data in ERP, MES, SCM and BI applications
  • Gain transparency in manufacturing by monitoring and analysing plant data
  • Recognise potential for optimising plant effectiveness
  • Ideal for networking machines for your IoT project

A smart bundle – MDE:connect

State-of-the-art production in the field of IoT is based on complete networking of the shop floor with traditional IT applications. Machine data needs to be provided to ERP, CRM or SCM systems for direct further processing. When networking different machines and systems, however, the same problem often occurs: the data is provided in a format that is incompatible for further processing. In this case, the data conversion often has to be programmed manually, a laborious and inflexible task. MDE:connect provides both a flexible and simple solution to this problem.

Solution with MDE:connect

Smart bundle: The MDE Gateway from verlinked and Janz Tec’s embedded solutions are brought together to form the MDE:connect hardware-software bundle – and therefore become a flexible translator with automatic machine data collection (MDC) for your digitalised production.

Using the preconfigured adapter provided with MDE:connect, machines from different manufacturers can be connected to the network simply and securely. Control interfaces of common machine manufacturers can be read as standard, including numerous fieldbus and communication protocols such as S7Com, MODBUS, CAN, MQTT, HTTP, OPC UA.

  • Be it from CAN to OPC-UA or from Profinet to MQTT, each conversion task can be configured easily via a web-based interface
  • As soon as a package in format X is received, MDE:connect automatically converts it into format Y and forwards it 
  • Subsequent changes can be made with just a few mouse clicks 
  • The MDE Gateway already supports a large number of industrial interfaces for which Janz Tec also provides hardware 
  • The modular design of the hardware and software enables additional protocols and formats to be supported via a plug-in system

IoT application: MDE Gateway

The MDE Gateway enables simple and automatic access to machine data. Current and precise information from the production plants provides a detailed insight into the production procedures. Moreover, analyses and evaluations allow process stability and plant effectiveness to be continuously monitored. The innovative adapter design means machine data can be made available on IT systems (BI, MES, ERP) or in the cloud with just a click of the mouse.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Manufacturer-independent networking
  • Automatic data collection
  • Flexible expandability
  • Simple integration

  • Visualisation and evaluation of process data

    • Decision basis for company and production management
    • Display of live data from production

  • Minimisation of downtime and reaction times

    • Maintenance of plants after actual use
    • Improved planning of maintenance work

  • Recognition of inefficiencies and potential for optimisation

    • Calculation and evaluation of plant effectiveness (OEE)
    • Identification of downtimes

  • Efficient quality control

    • Traceability of actual production parameters
    • Alerting via multi-channel notifications

Devices: Embedded PC and IoT Gateway

The robust and reliable hardware from Janz Tec is perfectly suited to the requirements of an industrial environment. Standardised connectors ensure simple integration. The interaction between the emPC-A/iMX6 embedded computing system and the software from verlinked has been successfully tested and optimised.

Your benefits with Janz Tec hardware:

  • Highly reliable, low-maintenance and powerful systems with quad-core CPU technology
  • Flexibly designed interfaces for CAN, RS232 and digital/analogue I/Os
  • Long-term availability of all components
  • Expandable temperature range
  • Compact housing with DIN rail mounting
  • Numerous wireless networking options can be implemented as required

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Dr Markus von Detten is Head of Software Development at Janz Tec in Paderborn He will be pleased to answer your questions on how you can benefit by using software on your systems.

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