Monitor and control your processes in SAP

Monitor and optimise your processes in industry, logistics and retail directly, simply and accurately. Enhance your efficiency on the shop floor with machine and sensor data in the SAP Cloud Platform. What do you need? A gateway that captures the relevant data and provides it directly to SAP – combined with SAP’s profound cloud expertise.

  • Enhance your digital data at the source and turn existing system and sensor data into profit
  • Ideal for connection within your IoT project in industry, logistics and retail
  • Remote monitoring and analytics: Monitor status data on your systems easily and centrally for optimised maintenance and minimized downtimes
  • Plant and process optimisation with information tracked in the field  


In today’s agile competitive environment, flexible and mobile applications that deliver information quickly and in a user-friendly manner are more important than ever. Cloud solutions from SAP can be quickly scaled to your needs. The main challenge here is the question of how to transfer your business-related measurement and tracking data from your system, warehouse or local or mobile office into your SAP Cloud as quickly and easily as possible, especially as you often have to juggle different hardware providers, solutions and consultants for each service section. This is where our solution comes in. 

Solution: a holistic concept from Edge to the SAP Cloud Service

  • Quick start for your SAP IoT project
  • Connection of your systems with SAP-tested, certified gateways suitable for industrial use
  • Holistic concept from Edge to the SAP Cloud Service, from a single source, thanks to the ideal combination of expertise from two worlds: SAP Consulting Services and connection expertise for the shop floor
  • You benefit from everything SAP Cloud Services has to offer – with all process-related data in the cloud:

    • Monitoring and analysis of live sensor data from the field
    • Basis for decision-making by persons in operative command
    • Greater security for your processes
    • Minimized reaction times and downtimes
    • Basis for fast intervention when incidents occur
    • Detection of optimisation potential and cost reduction
    • Efficient quality assurance


Use the SAP Cloud Platform Services with support from a specialist SAP consultancy firm Syskoplan Reply from our IoT Solutions Partner network. 

Syskoplan Reply supports you in implementing innovative, state-of-the-art SAP solutions to improve your entire digital value chain. We work exclusively with outstanding SAP partners who implement solutions for their customers using the latest SAP applications, such as SAP Leonardo and SAP Cloud Platform, as well as corporate applications like SAP S/4HANA, SAP SCM, SAP CRM, SAP SRM and SAP BI.



SAP SE has certified the emIOT-A/iMX6 and emIOT-X IoT gateways for the SAP Cloud Platform. This makes us one of only five manufacturers worldwide to guarantee the transmission of sensor data into the SAP Cloud with full integration with SAP’s software solutions.

The Industrial IoT gateway series was designed for the specific requirements of industrial production environments. SAP certification of both gateways confirms that they can be integrated with the SAP Cloud Platform IoT Gateway Edge, which is used to connect to the SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things Service and the SAP Cloud Platform.

Your benefits with Janz Tec hardware:

  • The certified hardware and software solution enables you to transfer all sensor data into the SAP Cloud Platform.
  • The two gateways are equipped with mobile communication (GPRS, UMTS, LTE) or low-power wide-area network technologies (narrowband IoT) to ensure optimum data transmission. 
  • Low maintenance and energy efficient, the systems also come with integrated WiFi and Bluetooth modules for easy connection to internal network applications. 
  • In decentralised infrastructures, the GPS module ensures fast and reliable determination of the exact position using GPS. 

SAP certified IoT gateways for cloud connection

Secure Edge systems for cloud connection

Find out more about SAP certification in our detailed flyer.

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