Retrofitting industry 4.0

Fast, reliable digitalisation
for your machines.

Digitalisation offers industry, and particularly the mechanical engineering sector, a wide range of benefits. Automation and digitalisation enable higher productivity in mechanical engineering, while reducing the time and effort required for processes, resulting in increased efficiency.

Janz Tec Industrial-IoT Software Engineering

Real-time monitoring and analysis

We ensure that your machines are ready for digitalisation. Measurement data readings are taken securely from your existing machine control systems (SPS) and processed intelligently. Active monitoring and OEE evaluation in real time included.

Production figures at a glance

Create a clear visualization of your production figures and the status of your machines, providing a transparent basis for the rapid identification of problems and the optimisation of your machinery.

Joint Plug & Play solution

Our joint solution enables the trouble-free integration of existing machine control systems and finally makes concealed data visible. The main use of Janz Tec industry PCs is to forward customer-relevant data to the platform for centralised control and local data processing. Machina offers you an in-depth view of the availability and utilisation of your machines.

At a glance

Our IoT solution

  • Industrial PC for centralised control and local data processing
  • Software azeti Machina
  • Intelligent OEE evaluation
  • Made in Germany

IoT added values

Sustainable advantages

  • Fast identification and rectification of breakdowns
  • Real-time analysis
  • Preventive detection of faults
  • Improved OEE
  • Increased availability

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