Reliable measurement of CO2
concentration. With the Smart Sensor solution.

In places where large groups of people gather—such as classrooms, canteens, restaurants, meeting rooms, conference halls or offices—CO2 concentration is likely to increase rapidly, mainly because of the carbon dioxide released when we exhale. When carbon dioxide levels increase, people can suffer from a lack of concentration, feel unwell, or display a significant drop in performance. These symptoms already occur at CO2 concentration levels of 0.08 %. The recommended maximum value of 0.1% laid down in standard DIN 1946 is often exceeded, so it makes sense to monitor air quality in rooms of this kind.

Reliable measurement

The Janz Tec IoT solution monitors not only CO2 concentration, but also air pressure, temperature, humidity, and the proportion of VOCs in the air, so the sensors make a decisive contribution to improving air quality. According to research carried out by the Technical University of Berlin, there is a strong correlation between CO2 concentration and the risk of contracting an infectious disease such as COVID-19. By monitoring the CO2 concentration, this solution provides an opportunity to improve air quality in the room and the comfort of its occupants. Air quality is shown on a traffic-light display which makes a predictive recommendation for airing the room in question. A traffic-light display on the smart sensor also shows the airing recommendation, so the occupants of the room can “see” the air quality at all times. Airing the room in good time minimizes the risk of infection via aerosols.

Always keep everything in view

The solution also features integrated room surveillance. When a Janz Tec Web Panel is installed in the respective conference rooms and offices, the room status is shown on configurable displays, so rooms can be reserved directly at the door. Connection to a calendar and room reservation systems such as Microsoft Outlook is required. The dashboard of the air quality measurement system mentioned above is also located next to the room reservation display. This visualizes the correlation between the number of people attending the meeting, the air quality and the room dimensions, which allows corresponding recommendations for airing the room to be deduced.

At a glance

Our IoT solution

  • Raspberry Pi 3 with Smart-Sensor
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Display of important measurement data
  • Storage of the most important measurement data on database server
  • Overview of meeting dates and direct room booking

IoT added values

Sustainable advantages

  • Complete solution for recording air quality and room organization
  • Correlation of air quality with room size and number of participants
  • Open interfaces
  • Own CI is possible
  • Minimization of the risk of infection through early detection of the CO2 concentration

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