Industrial Security

Global security through the intelligent connection of hardware and software.

The OSIRIS platform from Janz Tec provides secure protection in IT infrastructures through the intelligent connection of hardware and software. With numerous security measures integrated directly into the device, the OSIRIS product family is ideal for all applications – all the way up to local endpoints located in potentially insecure industrial environments.

Globally active

Janz Tec has developed and implemented secure connection in a wide range of industrial applications for a leading provider of industrial vacuum coatings. With production sites all over the world, the company needed a solution for manipulation-proof control for configuring and managing its plants.

Secure at every level

OSIRIS comprehensively secured the company’s global infrastructure. The platform guarantees reliable data transmission and information confidentiality. Even remote networks are seamlessly incorporated, while new endpoints or local networks can be integrated quickly and securely.

Operational Services

Another aspect is Janz Tec’s global patch and update management, in which updates are distributed to the devices centrally. This ensures that the high security standards are failure-proof and highly available across the company’s entire global infrastructure.

“Comprehensive and reliable security demands continuous protection against manipulation and unauthorised access. Our operational services are an integral part of our IoT ecosystem, as they safeguard operation and relieve pressure on our customers.”

Dr Markus von Detten, Head of Systems Engineering
and Software Development, Janz Tec AG


Our IoT solution

• Global use of the OSIRIS platform
• Implementation in existing infrastructures
• Integration of wired and wireless communication
• Complete patch and update management


Long-lasting benefits

• Secure monitoring and stable management of production plants
• Manipulation-proof and with encrypted communication
• Reliable global availability
• High security of the global infrastructure

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Tom Karpen is Systems Engineer at Janz Tec in Paderborn. He will be happy to answer any questions you may have about system engineering.